SJ Berwin last night (10th March) played host to the AKT's annual Wine tasting event. We are pleased to learn that with Sarah Ahmed and her fabulous array of wines loosening the wallets, The Freelance Auctioneer was able to lighten them, selling a fantastic selection of artwork and raising plenty of money for such a worthwhile cause.
The evening's target was by far exceeded with well over £12,000 being raised. With plenty more events on the calendar why not visit AKT and find out more?
If you have a charity auction planned, The Freelance Auctioneer can help maximise the funds raised, so get in touch.

3/11/2011 07:50:28 pm

So pleased to see this amazing auctioneer bringing his special talent and charm to the UK following his success in California and beyond.

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Nice posting! You must have spent a substantial amount of time writing it.

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Thanks for posting this


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